Market Research

Understanding the market opportunities and associated trends and drivers is a critical component of running any business. Strategic questions must be answered.

  • ・Is the market large enough to support your business?
  • ・Is the market saturated with competitors?
  • ・What will the market look like five years out?

Though information resources are abundant, the process of extracting relevant data to facilitate specific business decisions is an arduous and time-consuming task.

CAP Resources specializes in both primary and secondary market research to help companies understand the market opportunity. Projects range from specific market or product related queries to larger scope projects such as market sizing for new and emerging markets, market trends and growth patterns, landscape assessment, risk and opportunity identification, and scenario planning.

Secondary Research

Our research team is highly skilled in obtaining market research data cost effectively from publicly available sources and distilling it into concise, actionable information.

Primary Research

In-depth customer interviews and competitive analysis are used to uncover market drivers, value perceptions and other insights that become the basis for positioning and building strong customer relationships.

Our methodology goes beyond standard surveys and uncovers deep insights into customer values and behavior. You’ll benefit from a better understanding of customer thought processes and a stronger relationship as a result of your interest in their input.