CAP Resources has extensive experience in all facets of energy — from advanced materials, to oil and gas equipment and services, alternative energies and everything in between. With deep, enduring industry insights, relationships, and affiliations, we have worked with companies large and small across the energy value chain. We collaborate with teams tasked with driving growth initiatives, helping them with the business development process from concept to execution. Clients include venture capitalists, integrated E&P companies, global oilfield service companies, clean energy providers, and upstream, midstream, downstream technology manufacturers and service providers. We also specialize in new technology launches for emerging growth markets such as unconventional developments and environmental solutions for drilling, completions, production, and energy transmission.

  • ・Oil & Gas technologies and services
  • ・Upstream, midstream and downstream solutions
  • ・Water Management
  • ・Alternative energy
  • ・Environmental solutions
  • ・Advanced materials and nanotech
  • ・Energy transmission and storage
  • ・New technology development
  • ・New technology vetting and due diligence