Solving the Pressure Problem with Novel Chemistry

September 27, 2018 - Less than a minute read

Promising chemistry from PureLine and Flotek appears to help manage disposal well plugging and fouling.*

The companies claim the combination of Hydrochloric Acid, Chlorine Dioxide, and a proprietary Complex Nanofluid provides a 1-2-3 punch that addresses the more difficult bad actors. While acids and solvents do a decent job of clearing some blockages, the combination of proposed chemistries is said to target asphaltenes, iron oxide, iron sulfide precipitation, and H2S formation from acid reaction with iron sulfide.

Case histories sited demonstrated improved injectability and reduced injection pressures after treatment.

Let us know your experiences – and we ’ll provide an update!

*EnergyMakers has no business affiliation with either PureLine or Flotek.


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