Allen Blanchard

Senior Consultant

Allen Blanchard is a Senior Consulting Associate at CAP Resources.  With over 20 years E&P experience with 100+ oil and gas companies and 250+ field projects, he is passionate about helping clients by mapping their goals to their business landscape.  Allen has been deeply involved in waste treatment and disposal of oil and gas, radioactive, industrial and hazardous wastes, including for both onshore and offshore GOM areas and internationally.  He has served as Operations and ES&H Manager for the treatment and/or injection disposal of > 15,000,000 bbl of E&P waste and has designed and operated facilities for Class 1 industrial fluid injection, Frac water treatment, E&P waste separation and recycling, hazardous waste landfill disposal and oil and aggregate recovery.

Allen’s extensive environmental life-cycle experience includes:  siting, permitting, regulatory process management, engineering design, operations, decontamination, remediation, ES&H, compliance, emergency response, waste management, laboratory analysis and closure.  He has held several senior positions with oil and gas environmental firms as well as his own ventures.  Allen has also served as a forensics expert for several property contamination lawsuits.

Beginning with his deployment on a nuclear submarine to provide radiation support for commercial nuclear power plants, Allen also has extensive experience with all aspects of radioactive materials operations, remediation, decontamination, safety and disposal.  Allen entered the E&P industry as VP of an environmental radiation company which he helped navigate from start-up to public status over 3 years.  By coupling his corporate and field level experiences with onsite assessment of more than 2,000 oil and gas properties, remediation of 250+ sites, litigation support, dose assessments, nuclear and non-nuclear laboratory analysis, published papers and numerous seminars, Allen has developed into a pre-eminent Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) expert.

Allen’s tool set also includes GIS, database and software expertise which he applies to both workflow and analytic solutions.  He is a Registered Environmental Manager and received a MS in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University and a MS in Information Systems from Louisiana State University.