Business & Operations Planning

Often the demands of running day-to-day operations in a growing company leave little time for the management team to develop strategic and comprehensive business plans. Without strategic business plans, critical components such as governance board alignment, strategic partnerships, launch plans and attracting investors can get shortchanged.

CAP Resources has a long track record of developing strategic business and operational plans that help increase the pre-cash valuation of client companies, align management, and communicate a position of strength. We are equally comfortable building it “from scratch,” or acting as advisors and facilitating contributions from management and functional teams.

We aim to preserve and increase the value of shareholder equity, align management, and improve operational effectiveness.

We work with our clients’ teams to produce business plans that concisely convey the company’s key competencies and opportunities, while also qualifying those opportunities through verifiable market research that can be validated with minimal due diligence on behalf of potential investors and partners.

Change Management

In today’s economic climate, there is pressure for organizations to optimize processes and continually improve in pursuit of operational excellence and cost reductions. Many times, effective change management is a difficult thing to achieve without the right tools and guidance. We partner with our clients to envision, plan, and drive organizational change methodically and effectively:

  1. Document how the process is currently working
  2. Identify process issues & inefficiencies
  3. Specify required changes
  4. Get feedback and buy-in from all affected stakeholders
  5. Develop change management roadmap
  6. Determine metrics and KPI’s
  7. Plan & train for changes
  8. Implement process changes step-wise
  9. Monitor, measure, and analyze results, then improve