This 300 page meta-study includes a holistic assessment of 15 key risk factors for commercial disposal wells, private disposal wells, and EOR wells with well-level, county, play, and formation-breakouts.

A reference document for Oil and Gas Operators, Oilfield Service and Midstream Companies, and Investors wishing to stay ahead of disposal risks and opportunities, including well, formation, formation depth, and county-level analysis.


  • UIC Formation Health
  • Pressure and injectivity trends
  • Pressure-Volume relationships
  • Local Pressurization Anomalies
  • Pre-disposition to Seismicity
  • Operational Risk Factors
  • Litigation Trends
  • Supply/Demand Trends
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Regulations and Regulatory Responses


What UIC wells & formations are most likely to be injection-constrained in the event of a drilling upturn?

Which are at higher risk for seismic events, or pressurization?

Service Companies

Which regions are more likely to take up new service offerings?

Which regions/plays are most likely to require pipeline or recycling infrastructure?

 Private Equity

Is my investment subject to operational restraints or re-direction?

Which regions are more likely to quickly adopt new service offerings?


Which regions/plays are most likely to require pipeline or recycling infrastructure?

Key Operational Insights in:

Health, Safety, and Environment
Corporate Counsel and Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Investor Communications
New Business Development and M&A
Water and Waste Management
Completion and Production
Operations Management
New Venture Investing

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