Looking for SWD Data? EnergyMakers has Packaged Data and Custom Analytics!

September 23, 2018 - 1 minute read

EnergyMakers is now in the Salt Water Disposal and Underground Injection Data-on-Demand business!  If you are hungry to understand the big picture but frustrated with the lack of minable data, this offering is for you. EnergyMakers has expanded its consulting and analytic offerings to include comprehensive and current SWD data for leading basins, including both the Texas and New Mexico Permian!*


We bit the bullet to do the complex and tedious conversions, mining, cleansing, and organization for you. The result: a workable solution for disposal well pressures, volumes, formation mapping, permit status, and everything you need for an informed injection strategy, along with quarterly updates and custom mapping capabilities.    We’ve used the same proven methods authored in our exclusive industry report, US Class II Subsurface Injection Wells: Injection and Seismicity Operational Risk Factors, along with additional data options, custom analytics and customized maps.


Contact us for further details on the EnergyMakers Underground Injection Data Solutions.

*includes comprehensive Commercial & Private SWD data, EOR well injection, permit status, permit compliance, formation mapping and pressure and volumetric trends.

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